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Meet Summer Nunn

I am running for Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board District 6 in South Charlotte. 

As a marketing executive and parent of two elementary CMS students, the past few years have been overwhelming.  I am passionate about joining the school board because I am someone who isn't afraid of a challenge.  As a proven leader, I know how to fix issues and help organizations grow.

CMS has seen inconsistency in leadership and planning accompanied by a lot of noise and costly mistakes that are causing frustration among parents, CMS employees, and the community.  I am here to be a strong leader for our kids and a champion for our communities.  

Meet Summer: Issues


I have two amazing kids: Sawyer (10) a 4th grader and Charleston (5) a Kindergartener in CMS Schools.  No board members have elementary children and they make up over 45% of our students and are facing very different challenges than they did 5 to 10 years ago.


I serve on our School Parent Leadership Team for 2 years working alongside the principal, staff, and teachers to ensure student success with little involvement from CMS leadership. This led me to run as we need better support from the board and superintendent.     

I am navigating IEPs and 504s which is a growing population. Kids have different emotional, academic, and physical needs with learning differences and disabilities. We need more to support them.

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Successful Business Executive

I am a proven Marketing Executive that grew my career working for Charlotte businesses: Red Ventures, Driven Brands, Payzer, and now as Chief Marketing Officer of Magnolia Wash Holding.  The board lacks the experience that has successfully directed large organizations that oversee various business functions, managed locations, run large budgets, and improved staffing.  I have that experience.

Hiring and retaining great employees has been key to my success.  I have hired the right leaders and turned employee retention around.  The board has to find the right leader as our superintendent.  We also have to figure out how to improve teacher satisfaction. 

I am a data-driven marketer who makes sure every dollar gets spent to drive the most.  I have grown budgets based on new business plans and managed large constrained budgets to improve staff capabilities and business performance. You have to look at all the data to figure out the issues and opportunities to improve the business.  We need to look at student, staff, and community data to help everything grow. 

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Honest and Transparent Leader

I am transparent, honest, and direct.  If you ask friends, family, and co-workers I am always open to helping everyone understand.  I celebrate the good and tackle the bad.  

I am a listener.  To build something successful you have to listen to what matters the most to people. Listening helps find the roots of problems so you can correct them.  Listening helps you find opportunities to grow.  We have to listen now more than ever as a board.  

Communication is core to success.  Communication, honesty, and listening make great leaders who serve the greater good. The board needs to communicate more frequently and in more ways than it does now with the community.  I can help expand our abilities here. 


Raised by Educators

My family has served the children of NC as teachers and school administrators over the past 70 years.  This is my way to do the same.  

My mother taught middle school PE in Scotland County. Today she subs in the CMS schools.

My grandmother was the secretary of a High School for over 30 years through 7 principals including Rep Doug Yongue former leader of the education committee in the NC House of Representatives.

My grandfather was a history teacher, football coach, principal, and interim superintendent.  I spent many Friday nights at football games and at school events.


NC Public School Graduate

 I grew up in Hamlet, NC attending Fairview Heights Elementary, Monroe Avenue Elementary, Hamlet Jr High School and finally graduating from Richmond Senior High School where I was the class of 2002’s salutatorian.

I’m a Tarheel!  I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2006 with a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in finance.  I will talk Carolina Basketball with anyone!


Charlotte is Home

In 2009 my husband (JR) and I decided to move back from Atlanta and landed in Charlotte to be closer to family.  I am not who I am today without his love and support over the past 14 years of marriage.  

We love CLT!  We are huge Panthers fans, Blumenthal theaters patrons, frequent the Whitewater Center, and foodies following up-and-coming chefs and food joints. 

Our kids love the community.  Our time and attention center around school and youth activities.  I was a proud coach of U9 co-ed soccer in Steele Creek Athletic Association. The Lightning went 9-1 in spring 2022 all because of the hard work the kids put into the season. 


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